Sunflower Dress, tank Dress

Wearing a tank top makes me think of hot weather, being outside, and plenty of sunshine. But, really they’re the perfect layering piece and you can wear them ALL THE TIME. They’re perfect under cardigans, wonderful for layering under that too-low-cut blouse, and I even wear them to church underneath a blazer in the Winter time. They’re definitely a closet- staple. You need a handful of tank tops ready to grab when you decide you want to wear one, right?

Well… let me tell you about this little pattern! This is the Sunflower Tank by Mamma Can Do It. It has plenty of options so that you can make yourself a closet full of tank tops, if your heart desires. 😉 Do you want top length, tunic length, knee length dress, or long dress? Do you want your arms and neckline bound, or do you prefer bands? You’ve got quite a few ways you can sew this pattern without even thinking about the first “hack.”

My title suggests that my dress was $5, so let me tell you about that! I was at Wal-Mart recently. I don’t typically purchase knit fabrics from Wal-Mart, but I was browsing through and saw this one. It was something close to $3.50/ yard. The fabric content wasn’t labeled, but it’s soft… like maybe a rayon/poly/spandex blend or something? Well… with this pattern in mind, I bought the fabric. I went ahead and purchased one and a half yards, just to be safe, but I had some leftovers. The pattern for my size says it needs 1 yard, but I wanted to be sure I would have enough! I already had thread on hand, but even had I needed to purchase a spool of thread, I probably still would have come out close to $5 if I had only purchased the 1 yard the pattern requires!

 So, I took my fabric home, got it prewashed, and started cutting. It was all washed, cut, and made into a dress in a matter of a couple of hours. Seriously a SUPER FAST SEW!

So I’m enjoying wearing it now while the weather is still warm, but I’m also planning on wearing it when it cools off paired with a denim jacket or maybe I’ll make a new Annelaine Cardigan in navy or grey to match! So many choices! But it is a versatile pattern! I’m looking forward to making more in top and tunic length!


Oh, and nursing mama’s, I’ve tested it out… if the fabric is stretchy enough, you’ve got nursing access. We’ve been able to pull the neckline down OR pull the arm hole over enough. You’ll want fabric with good recovery, and surprisingly this fabric has recovered well for me! 😊

Overview of this Pattern:

  • Bound or banded neckline and armholes
  • top, tunic, knee length dress, long dress options
  • pocket options
  • super quick sew
  • perfect for layering

So head on over and check this cute new top/tunic/dress out!

Please be aware that I have included my affiliate link to this pattern in this post. It doesn’t cost you any extra to use it, but if you choose to, I’ll make a small percentage of the sale! <3 Thank you so much for reading my post!

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