Women’s Relaxed Peplum- Ruffle Sleeve Hack

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Hello friends!

I’m Gwen from Crafty Curly Couture, and today I’m here to share with you a super easy and fun hack for the Women’s Relaxed Fit Peplum- a ruffle sleeve!

Let’s get started!

– First, you’re going to need the Women’s Relaxed Peplum Top & Tunic pattern. Click here to buy it!

-Assemble your long sleeve pattern, then cut or fold your pattern piece to 2 inches above 3/4 length cut line.

– Cut 2 mirror images of sleeves at the length marked above

– Follow the cut chart below to cut your ruffle. All measurements are in inches and are given length x width.




4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
15.50 x 4.25 15.50 x 4.25 16 x 4.25 16.25 x 4.25 16.50 x 4.25 17 x 4.25 17 x 4.25 17.25 x 4.25 17.50 x 4.25 18 x 4.25 18.25 x 4.25 18.50 x 4.25


Here are my ruffles cut out:

– Gather both ruffles along the top edge

– Fold each ruffle in half and sew each along the short edge

– Complete all steps in pattern tutorial *except hemming sleeves*

– Slip ruffle over sleeve, right sides together, aligning raw edges. Pin into place, then sew.


Your adorable ruffle sleeve top is finished! Now go out and wear it proudly! *Note- I did not hem my ruffles, but you can if you’d like.*




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