Feeling Fabulous in the Flared Fit Pants

What is more fun than wearing a pair of yoga pants? Wearing a pair of yoga pants that nobody will know is a pair of yoga pants! When you get a fabulous pattern like the Fit Pants by Mamma Can Do It, you can make some comfy pants that look a little more dressed up. To me, they look more like your casual clothes that you can wear anywhere. You can dress them up or down, however you like, by choosing different fabrics and by pairing them with different tops and shoes. This is really a great pattern!

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My flared fit pants

Sew these pants with any fabric that has about 50% stretch, and it will quickly become your favorite pattern! You can choose skinny leg, straight leg, or flared legs. I think my favorites will be skinny or flare, because they’re a bit more fitted along the thigh, which I like. You can choose to add pockets or no side pockets, three different options of back pockets (or none at all), elastic waistband or yoga waistband. There are instructions for lengthening or shortening the pattern according to your inseam length as well.  You also have the option of adding a faux fly to make them a little more jean-like. Then you have cut lines for different length pants. You can make these into super short shorts, knee length shorts, capris, pants, whatever you want.

Do you see all the options listed? It really is possible to make the pants time and time again with no two pairs being identical! WOW!

fit pants, ladies fit pants, sewing pants, sewing MCDI fit pants
Love these flared legs!

My Pants

Let me tell you about my fit pants! I used the flared leg pattern, which you can obviously see! I LOVE the fit of these! I also used an elastic waistband. My pants are made with back pockets, but no side pockets. I skipped the faux fly. Please note that the pockets were dropped a little after I made my final pair, so this does not reflect the final pocket placement on the pattern.

Sewing fit pants, sewing flare pants, MCDI Fit pants, womens fit pants
My back pocket 😉

fit pants, sewing flared pants, flare pant sewing patternAnother note about pockets – in any pattern you sew, there will be a pocket placement guide, however, it is just that – a guide. Pocket placement is so much of a personal preference. What placement looks good on your body? What placement makes you feel good. There is no way a designer can decide this for you! So, use the placement guide, if you wish, or come up with your own placement that you love!

I am only 5’5” tall so I expected that I would need to shorten the length a little because my height is a tad less than the height for which these were drafted. However, I have a short torso and ALL of my height is in my legs. I’m SO GLAD I compared the finished inseam length for the pants to my inseam length, because I actually needed to add 1” to the length of the pants. My length is PERFECT. Maybe this is why I have such a hard time finding pants that are long enough! I LOVE these pants!!

flare pants, mcdi fit pants, women's fit pants, sewing flare pants, sewing pantsMy Fabric

I found this fabric a while ago on sale at Wal-Mart, of all places. It’s a ponte fabric that has very close to 50% stretch, which is what is recommended for this pattern. I love the heavier weight of the ponte. I think it works perfectly with the flared legs. I know I’ll enjoy these a lot the winter time.

This ponte is polyester, so I know it will eventually start to pill. I’ve seen other ponte (online at Surge Fabric Shop and a few other places, and even some at Joann’s fabric and Hobby Lobby) that has nylon rather than polyester. I’ve heard that the nylon, rayon, spandex blend does not pill like the polyester does. So I’m anxious to try another pair using that!


Did I mention that these pants are SO FAST to sew? You can make a basic pair of pants or shorts in no time! And, if you decide that you do want to use the pockets or faux fly, they really only take a few minutes to add. It’s a ridiculously easy and quick sew! Nap time sew for sure!

sewing fit pants, MCDI fit pants, women's fit pants, sewing flare pants

Overview of this Pattern:

fit pants, mcdi fit pants, ladies fit pants, sewing fit pants, sewing flare pants

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