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Since the knowledge of my current pregnancy, I've been looking for and haven't been able to find many maternity shirt patterns. Much less ones that don't look 'tentish'. Lucky for me, I love to design! So I created a fantastic ruched maternity shirt pattern. When I started this design, I knew that I wanted the ruching to only be in...
Accessorizing babies is so much fun. I love to put fabric necklaces on my little ones. Is there anything better than being able to whip one out in 10 minutes? Now you can with this fabric necklace pattern. This tutorial for a fabric necklace is super simple and it takes items that you might already have laying around in your...
Recently I was asked to make a new diaper design. Diapers are always my favorite patterns to work on, so I eagerly took the opportunity! My client wanted an AIO cloth diaper. That's "all in one" if you don't know. All in one simply means that you can literally take it out of the washing machine and put it on...

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