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It's so close to summer. My Elijah has been proving to be a terror on his wardrobe. This child wants to play hard so I need to make him some clothes that won't break my heart if he ruins them.   My inner "freak out" is usually associated with expensive clothing, or clothes that take me a while to make. So...
I am sometimes asked if you need a serger to sew clothes. Specifically knit clothes. Knits are the stretchy fabrics that can give you a harder time if you don't know how to use them. I love using my overlock/serger for sewing with knits. I love that it cuts the edge for me, making it completely clean, without any excess...
I love my snap press. It makes me happy to attach great snaps to anything. Whether a diaper, or clothes, I know that the snaps will outlive the item that I'm making. Unfortunately I tend to fly through my projects sometimes, and that can make for some 'snappy' disasters. I frequently attach a snap backwards or in the wrong...

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